New World Center for the Arts
2014 Ntl. YoungArts Week Theatre Performance
Michael Silberblatt - Introductory Speaker

Colony Theatre
2015 YoungArts: Miami Regional Performance.
Michael Silberblatt - Introductory Speaker

TEDx Talk:
"Why Little Red Riding Hood Was Wrong"
2014 TEDxNorthwesternU Convention


Interview with Michael Silberblatt and Kerry Washington

Interview with fellow YoungArts Alumni and Winners:
-Michael Silberblatt (2010 YoungArts Winner in Theatre)
-Kerry Washington (1994 YoungArts Winner in Theatre)


Masterclass with Zach Braff

Michael Silberblatt working with fellow Northwestern University alum Zach Braff on his play, "All New People"


Meeting President Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama awards the prestigious "Presidential Scholar Award" to the top 141 academic and artistic scholars in the nation.

Photo courtesy of The White House


TED Talk

Presenting "Why Little Red Riding Hood Was Wrong" at the TEDxNorthwesternU convention in the McCormick Tribune Center


"Six Americans"

Promotional Flyer for "Six Americans": a collaboratively-written, self-directed and performed theatrical event about the concept of American Identity.
Premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.


Live-streamed intro speaker at the National YoungArts Week, 2014

Introductory Speaker to the live-streamed 2014 Theatre performance at the National YoungArts Week


"Catch Me If You Can" Premiere

Official JetBlue press correspondent for Broadway's "Catch Me If You Can: The Musical"